Drying is one of the oldest and most gentle methods of preserving fruits. Dried fruits prove to be valuable resources for minerals, enzymes and important vitamins.

We process not only "classic" dried fruits such as apricots and apples, but exotic fruits such as melon, kiwi, feijoa and persimmon as well. In addition, we also dry wild forest fruits which are perfectly suitable for the production of teas.

The taste of the fruit should remain as natural as possible and be influenced as little as necessary. Thus our products can actively contribute to an enjoyable and healthy diet.

Considering this background, it is self-evident for us to apply the patience for natural fruit growth and to optimize the logistics chain from field to processing. Regarding the quality procedures, the product storage and transport are aspects of high priority.

  • The fruits are weighed, sorted according to size and carefully washed at the washing station

  • Now each fruit is fed to the appropriate peeling machine according to its size. This ensures that each fruit is peeled exactly in size. During the same process step the core is removed.

  • Each fruit contains its own moisture level after drying. Our fruits are individually and gently dried using high quality German equipment. An appropriate drying program is chosen according to the type of fruit and its characteristics. This gives them just the right moisture level and succulence.